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What is on the horizon in interior design for 2022?

The reality of the global pandemic has changed the way we view our homes – both in how they look and how we live in them. We cannot go backwards because we are not the same people with the same views of the world as we were way back in 2020. So, where ARE we going?

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Commercial interior design and residential interior design do have quite a few similarities. But there are other aspects which need careful consideration too when designing a work environment that is productive and put your customers and clients at ease.

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The reality of the interior design budget

There is something really important that we need to discuss and that’s what it’s going to cost you … or look at it this way: the financial investment you are going to need to make in your home. The biggest and most important consideration in any renovation or new build is your interior design budget.

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Lighting design is both an art and a science

Lighting is one of the most underestimated parts of the interior design of our homes and workspaces. Lighting is not just important for us to see what we’re doing, it also affects our mood, emotions, and general wellbeing. Good and adaptable indoor lighting is vital to every interior design project.

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Is now the right time to spend on renovating your biggest asset?

House prices are on the rise, and here in Darwin the price rise is tipped to be the highest nationally at around 12% by the end of 2021. Is it wise to renovate your home while the housing prices are on the rise, or should you hold off on renovating?

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How biophilic design and Feng Shui soothe mind, body and spirit

As human beings we the inside space has an immediate impact upon our senses and consciousness. Much of the feelings we experience upon entering a space is determined by the design principles (or lack thereof) used in that space.

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