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Laundry design Inspo and tips

Up there with the value of a well-designed kitchen and bathroom is a stylish laundry that is practical and functional. If you are building or renovating it is important to get it right!

A consultation with a professional interior designer can help you to maximize space in a laundry with custom cabinetry, however if your budget is tight, flat packs can work instead.

Whether you choose the custom cabinetry or flatpack option, there are some important considerations to make.  My top tips for achieving a super laundry are:

Location – If you do not have a dedicated space for the laundry and are challenged with space in a small home you could look to incorporate the laundry into your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. Another clever space saver is locating the laundry within cabinetry off a hallway or on a stair landing.

Appliances – Choose what appliances you want in your laundry from integrated ironing boards to drying and hanging racks a front loader machine or top loader machine, dryer.

Layout – Think about how you will work in the space and what storage and bench space you will need. Who is using the laundry? Bending down under bench might be a problem for some, Elevate the machines up off the floor on cabinetry that incorporates storage for shoes or cleaning products. Utilize all the wall space right to the ceiling, with hanging rods underneath shelves to give you an area for dry hanging that reduces your ironing.

Consider your workflow and position washing machine next to pullout washing baskets and dryers and racks close to benches for folding. A pulldown ironing board on opposite wall.


Decoration – Nothing screams clean light and bright like WHITE! White expands the room and creates illusion of space. Contrast neutral palettes with black appliances. Or fill it with colour to inspire you! Open shelving displaying plants, candles, baskets and freshly folded towels.

Laundry room island – a multi-purpose island is a fantastic all in one ironing board, storage and folding table all on wheels for space flexibility.

Vertical sliding organizer – Positioned in between your appliances it is space efficient and can hide all your laundry products away from sight while being within easy reach.

Pulldown drying rack – Get rid of those awkward floor drying racks and install an efficient and stylish pulldown from wall.

JM Jaillei


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