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Competition is high in the real estate market and 98% of top agents agree that if you want your property to stand out in the crowd and maximize your sale you must ‘Style your property to sell’. 

The key to best presenting a house for sale is to declutter, tidy, clean, neutralize the décor, fix minor repairs, paint if appropriate and accessorize minimally it doesn’t have to cost thousands. Here are my top tips that’ll save you $, to make you $: 

  • Before you put your house on the market you must declutter your stuff!  Donate, garage sales or rent a temporary storage unit off site to store outdated furniture, toys and other personal items that are closing rooms down including the garage as viewers will want to look in there.  
  • Elbow Clean it inside and out until its sparkling!  It makes a huge difference. Once everything is squeaky clean from the windows to the walls it’s time to get down to dressing.   
  • The garden needs to be tidy. Style your front entrance it’s the first area viewers see. if you don’t want to invest in planting then pot plants or outdoor furniture can make a difference. 
  • Neutralize the exterior and interior décor by painting over dark or bold colours. Rent or borrow furniture that add elements of luxury, you can create an overall feeling of opulence in the most modest of homes.  
  • Open up curtains and blinds or remove them to let in natural light which makes rooms appear largerUse bright daylight bulbs that make rooms feel open and buyers can actually see your house 
  • Use white towels in the bathroom and white bedding to give a crisp clean look. Diffuse essential lavender oil throughout the home for a lovely aroma. 
  • People buy into lifestyles so anything you do to brighten and inject life into rooms will help, set up the BBQ and table décor so buyers cavisualize entertaining in the space. Remember, first impressions are lasting. 

Some objects that enhance the mood and look of the staged home are flowers, plants, fruit bowls, and scented candles.
JM Interiors
Declutter and depersonalize your property. Remove family photos and personal items. It is important that the buyer can visualize living in the space.

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