JM Interiors - The bathrooms of 2022 could be the most interesting ever!

The bathrooms of 2022 could be the most interesting ever!

JM Interiors - The bathrooms of 2022 could be the most interesting ever!

In our August blog we discussed ‘What is on the horizon in interior design in 2022’ and how our interior design needs has changed over the past two years and what that means for the way we use, and look at, our living environments. Even here in Darwin where we’ve been relatively untouched compared to other parts of Australia, we are definitely moving with these exciting new design styles and concepts!

This month I thought we might take a look at what is new and trending in bathroom design: the materials, hardware, and concepts. The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in our homes. Along with the kitchen and the laundry our bathrooms are one of the hardest working rooms in our houses, but that certainly doesn’t mean these functional rooms shouldn’t be stylish!

In 2022 we’ll be seeing designer new builds and newly renovated homes with some stunningly beautiful bathroom interiors. Bathrooms that will invite us in and envelope us in their calming serenity, all while still being hygienic and easy to clean. A big ask, but the 2022 bathrooms can do all that!

So, what will we be seeing in bathrooms in 2022? 

Organic design

Curves that are inspired by living things bring an organic feel to bathroom design. Despite being a such a well-designed space the clever use of organic shapes instead of the rigidity of straight lines will define the new bathroom. We shall be seeing curves in all aspects of bathroom design from tapware, vanities, and even shower enclosures and walls.

Image via Phoenix Tapware
Natural timbers

While the use of timber in the bathroom and other wet areas requires careful planning and treatment to ensure its longevity and general hygiene, we can still use these materials in a wide variety of applications. And so, we will!  Salvaged and reclaimed timbers will be sought out for the bathrooms we’re building in 2022.

Image via Pinterest
Showers take centre stage

We’re going to be seeing the shower move from its traditional corner position to a more central and obvious setting in the bathroom. The shower is set to become an experience with built-in seating, tiled backdrops that are more like a work of art that a waterproof barrier, and beautiful tapware and fittings.

Beautiful wall-mounted vanities

The general feel in the wet areas of our homes is the importance of cleanliness. The ‘look’ of cleanliness is just as important as the need for it. Creating space without compromising on storage is important. The wall-mounted vanity achieves both space and the appearance of cleanliness. Gorgeous timbers, stone, marble, and concrete are all set to star heavily in these warmly inviting bathrooms!

Image via Technographica
Creative lighting and mirrors

The use of mirrors and lighting to work together to create a bright interior is not just clever design, it’s also practical and energy efficient. Floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls creatively stretch the dimensions of a small room while making the room brighter and lighter naturally.


Touchless technology is one legacy of our Covid-19 world where avoiding contact with surfaces and the inclusion of easy to keep clean surfaces are of utmost importance. Enter sensor-operated taps into the domestic bathroom! The water is triggered when the tap detects your hand so not only is it hygienic, it’s also a huge water-saver.

The beauty of nature’s materials

The warmth of brass, black metals, and real pebbles and stones look fabulous when combined with natural wood, wood-like materials, glass, quartz, and marble. Bringing brightness into the bathroom and amplifying the natural beauty of their organic designs.

Image via Caroma

The bathrooms of 2022 will bring us elegant design with imperfections that will create a unique, comforting, and inviting atmosphere. We’re going to be breaking rules in traditional interior design principles to give the lived-in feel to these brand-new modern bathrooms!

Are you as excited about these new trends in bathrooms as I am?! The bathroom has gone from sterility to a beautiful, calm, and welcoming room. I’d love to create a bathroom that makes you feel great! Get in touch, I’d love to chat with you!

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